Which Qualities A Female Quran Teacher Must Have In Order To Deliver Lectures To Students

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Teaching Quran is a job of great responsibility. Only the teachers who are well qualified and experienced can perform this duty. There are some skills that a tutor must have in order to Teach Quran online. Good online teaching services are highly demanded throughout the world.  Online Quran teaching is usually in the form of Skype Quran classes. So a female Quran teacher who wants to teach Quran online must have extensive experience in terms of Skype teaching. A qualified teacher is able to provide correct and authentic references. A teacher who wants to teach Quran online should have a proper training program in order to become an effective teacher. There are certain qualities that a female Quran tutor should have to perform the duties as an online Quran tutor

Friendly Nature            

A female Quran teacher should be very friendly in nature. It is very important for them to cooperate with the students. It is not good to be strict. A good teacher never has a strict behavior but sometimes it becomes necessary to become strict but only on a few conditions. There should be balance between the friendliness and strictness of the teacher’s attitude. A student’s interest especially the child’s interest depends on a nice attitude of a teacher.  A female tutor should create a healthy environment for the students. In this way they will regard the lessons otherwise they will take the lessons as a burden.

Student Teacher Interaction

If the students feel the lessons interesting, they will learn more speedily. Student teacher interaction is very necessary. The children usually require more interaction with the teacher so interactive sessions are very effective. Female students need more cooperation. So a female teacher should have more interaction with the teacher. Skype Quran classes also require interaction with help of Skype.

Quality Teaching

Quality teaching is the most important quality of a teacher. The teacher should deliver excellent quality lectures. When teaching children, the teacher should be very qualified. The teachers have to improve the quality of her teaching if she is teaching a child.  It is only possible if a teacher has a strong command on the Quran. Moreover she is able to teach all the Quran courses well.

Teach As Per Student’s Level

The female Quran tutor should be able to understand the learning capability of a student. Every student has his/her own pace of learning. The teacher must be able to understand the level of students at which they can grasp new concepts and learn Quran. Every child needs a special attention so a teacher should teach in a way that students will learn most rapidly. Asking questions and making the students participate in the Quran lessons is very important.

The teaching methods should be efficient and according to the attitude of the students. The teacher must know the different methods of different students. For example the students who live in the western world learn in a different style as compared to those who are in the Eastern world.

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